Hi Guys , Those who love sea beaches must come to Digha.

I have visited the place last month, I have started my journey from Kolkata at 6 pm. Buses are available from morning 6 am to night 8 pm. You can go by train also if you want. After 4 hours journey I reach New Digha. If you will not do pre booking of hotel then also you will get hotel after you reach there. So don’t worry.

Next day morning I started exploring the New Digha first.I saw there Fisherman Gang were doing their work.Fisherman gang.jpg

You must try fresh Date fruit syrup here, but try it before 10 am ,otherwise it will become “Tari”( alcoholic beverage). You also can enjoy coconut water. I saw a unique Local Nut there, Its teste awesome, Must try. But after afternoon you will not find it.


After explore New Digha I went to Old Digha.

digha.jpgAfter spend some time there I booked a Small Toto and went to explore Udaipur and Talsari beach. In both beches you can find rented bike and scooter to go to Mohona where 2 river mixed with sea. It will cost only 100 Rs.talsari.jpg


In evening I visited to Marine Aquarium.Closing time is 6pm.

Next day I visited Science centre. And after spend some time in Digha beach I came back to Kolkata with sweet memories.

Food: Must try Fish fry ,Fish kabab, Crab ,Prawn Kabab, Chicken kabab.

Shopping: For girls it’s a shopping paradise. Varity of Bags, Ornaments, Home decoration products etc.


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