Today I am going to share a tour suggestion to relax in short time. It a combination tour of Sea Beaches and Island located approx 130kms. from Kolkata.

Bakkhali & Frazergun Sea Beach

Bakkhali beach is one of the best tour place for weekend trip and is located on one of the many deltaic islands spread across southern West Bengal.

The beach of Bakkhali stretches from Bakkhali to Frazergunj. It’s a part of Bay of Bengal. The mangrove forest near the beaches has no tigers, but is nonetheless a tourist spot.

A Crocodile Park, located just beside the bus stop and Bakkhali beach, and Bishhalakshmi Temple, at the end of Bakkhali main beach are other attractions of this place. Vendors selling local handicrafts and coconuts and shacks serving lunch can also be found on the beach. In Frazergunjyou large number of wind mines, making the place look surreal.wind.jpgbakkhali-2.jpg

Henry Island

Henry Island is a remote island not far from the main Bakkhali area. It is accessible by private car, bicycle or the local transport (toto’s).

While entering you have to pay a very nominal entry fee. The pathway to beach is awesome and little odd via bamboo bridges.


How to reach:


You can get available local train from Sealdah to Namkhana. Its take around 3 hours.After the train journey you need to go to the nearby Kheyaghat by rickshaw. Crossing a little river named Hatania Doania you have to have a little bus journey of 40 minutes.


You can reach easily to Bakkhali from Kolkata by NH 117. Buses are available from Esplanade(Kolkata) to Bakkhali by West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation. Besides CSTC has direct bus services from Esplanade(Kolkata) to Namkhana and Bakkhali is 25 kms from Bakkhali. Private bus services are available after every 15 to 20 minutes.





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