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This time I am reviewing VLCC Diamond Facial Kit from Salon Premium Range.



What does the brand say: IT fights premature aging of skin and offers an instant glow and polish to the skin.Diamond Bhasma or ash that is obtained through heating and pulverizing diamonds with herbs has cell renewing and rejuvenating properties. It also improves skin’s metabolism, helps in absorption of active ingredients, and hydrates and detoxifies skin.Diamond Bhasma present in the facial detoxifies and helps build skin immunity to fight against pollution, while leaving it youthful and glowing.


Step 1: Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner

Step 2: Diamond Scrub

Step 3: Diamond Detox Lotion 

Step 4: Diamond Massage Gel

Step 5: Diamond Wash-off Mask

Step 6: Oil Free Moisturizing Gel 

My Experience

My overall experience was so so. It is not for those who have oily skin. If you want to moisturize your skin then its good. It  improve skin texture and it was well toned and fresh. I like its tightening effect on my skin. But the effect, doesn’t stay after two days.

Pros of VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

-First of all price at Rs195 is very reasonable for a Diamond Facial kit from VLCC Salon premium range.
-You get enough content which would last for two facial sessions.
-It contains Diamond Bhasma which has detoxifying properties and gives youthful appearance.
-Improves skin texture. Moisturize and tighten the skin.

Cons of VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

-Not suitable for oily skin.
-I expected more than I should have.
-I don’t much like the silver sparkles or Diamond Bhasma on my skin, looks unnatural on my face.
-Its effect would last for maximum two days.

Rating: 3/ 5
Will I repurchase it? No, I won’t .

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