Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to review The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet – Rice . Here the review:


Product Details:

A mask sheet that has rice extract keeps the skin spot-free and bright.

How To Apply:

  • Get the skin clear and use a toner.
  •  Place the mask sheet evenly according to where nose and eye areas are.
  • Take off the sheet after 15-20 minutes. Gently pat for better absorption.
  • Ingredients:

    The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet Rice

  • My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet – Rice:

    The cotton sheet comes in a regular plastic sachet. The mask is quite wet, but the liquid isn’t too runny, hence it doesn’t drip once on the face. The sachet does contain some amount of liquid inside, like most of the masks by The Face Shop. Once on the face, it feels very cool and soothing for the entire duration of wear.

  • After taking it off in about 25-30 minutes, I could see that my skin looked superlatively bright. My skin felt soft and moisturized. It does help in brightening the skin. it’s worth a try.


  • Pros :

    • Brightens the skin in a single use.
    • Leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.
    • Gives the skin a toned appearance.

    Cons :

    • Contains dimethicone and parabens.
    • May not seem effective on persistent spot marks, in a single use. 



  • Would I Recommend:

    Yes! Highly recommended!


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